It was fantastic to spend a few hours with Ibrahim Magdy after Christmas wandering around Chinatown for lunch and strolling through the Japanese Gardens in Darling Harbour. Ibrahim demonstrated an amazing skill,  the ability to call giant Koi carp by whistling at them! After graduating and undergoing 3DE Matchmove training at Animal Logic he was picked up to work on The Great Gatsby. Plying his programming skills in Python,  Ibrahim soon found himself creating tools for the Matchmove Department.
He has spent the last few years working at Weta Digital on a little trilogy called The Hobbit. Ibrahim’s enthusiasm for continuing to learn was astounding to me. Over noodles he detailed some of his personal project work. All of which I can very much imagine seeing presented as SIGGRAPH papers in the next few years. He says he firmly believes every problem has a solution and revels in finding them. He is loving life in Wellington and has no plans to move from Weta anytime soon.

He came bearing gifts too, some really nice miniature collectibles of the Cranks from the film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. I was a lucky recipient as is Levi Rice and Jeff Lockhart. Their gifts are sitting on my desk (til they get back to work on the 18th of January). Better hurry though guys, they are fielding a bit too much interest from students willing to take them off your hands!

Check out some of the Weta VFX work in this link from Mike Seymour for Wired.