Carly is a 2013 graduate of AIE and kindly shared with me  her experiences at Plastic Wax that led to the release of the latest  ‘LEGO Dimensions’ trailer which she has produced.  Carly first began as a Production Assistant in Training 2014 and for the last year has been a Producer.
“I’ve done a few ‘LEGO Dimensions’ trailers over the last year, my role has varied since I was first involved. Initially I was the Production Assistant training to be a Producer so I acted as the Junior Producer on the projects. Following that, I became the Producer on:
– LEGO Dimensions: Does it Come in Black?
– LEGO Dimensions: I Am Unikitty feat. Alison Brie
– LEGO Dimensions: “Endless Awesome” Launch Trailer
– LEGO Dimensions: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor

Generally, my role as a Producer at Plastic Wax means I’m responsible for every aspect of the project from overseeing storyboards, schedules/tracking, team management, artist resourcing, submission/deadlines and budget. Most importantly, I’m the client’s point of contact for anything relating to the project.

I have a great support team here and my Production Manager, Mick Hammell, has been a fantastic mentor since day one. I’m still learning but it’s been a great place to grow, I’m lucky enough to have the freedom to be hands on in every project, I know I wouldn’t always have those same opportunities at larger studios.”

This is her latest “LEGO Dimensions” trailer. ENJOY!

LEGO Dimensions: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor from Carly Glover on Vimeo.