The Animal Logic Roto Training course is an unpaid 4 week full time course held in our Studio located in Fox Studios Australia.The current plan is for the first session to commence on the 10th of April, and the second to start on the  15th of May. Both sessions will run for 4 weeks each. This course has had great success with AIE graduates in the past so we’d love to keep that going!

This program is designed to fill our need for Roto trainees on future projects.  It is Nuke based and allows people to progress naturally onto a Compositing 2D based career path (not a 3D ‘foot in the door’).

The course is Roto based, but basic compositing techniques, tracking, keying and a bit of the 3D camera system is covered too.  We will also cover 3D stereo techniques as this is skill set that is required for many projects.

Knowledge of Nuke is handy but not necessary.  We tend to look for art based skills rather than technical based software skills.

Whilst we conduct this training during downtime at the studio, it is also in preparation for possible upcoming projects.  However, completing this training does not guarantee you a role on our next project and unfortunately we cannot guarantee when the next project will commence.The training is free and we do it because we have large Roto crew needs later in the year, so the career opportunities are of course pretty good

If you are interested, you need to register your interest now!


If possible we would to see the following on your reel:

  • Roto or compositing examples with any software
  • Photography/art work/design/concept/illustration/life drawing examples

Please provide a demo reel and shot breakdown or link to a web site or blog and appropriate password if required.

Note: we are unable to view material that is downloaded through ‘Dropbox’.  Our preferred platform is Vimeo

Please update this application as your circumstances or details change and inform us at if you do so.