Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice breaks records and surprisingly tops the Boxoffice! Yes, I’m afraid so, the biggest ever global debut for a Superhero film, a hefty $424 million, thats $555 AUD! Despite earlier fan animosity about Ben Affleck playing Batman the box office audience has spoken loudly. Critics loath it it, but the punters are lining up down the street for it.

Playing at several hundred Australian cinemas over the Easter break (594 cinemas’s to be precise at an screen average of $22,000), the Warner Brothers film accrued $13 million locally. Reputedly it scooped $170 million in the U.S at the weekend which is along towards paying off its estimated $250 million budget.

Check the trailer here. Director Zack Synder previously brought us epics like 300 and the  digimation Guardians of Gahoole at Animal Logic. Interesting to note that Deadpool acheived $14.9 million from 200 less cinemas last month.