Riot Games HR Manager, Vicky Lord, began her lunchbox presentation on Tuesday, by emphasising the importance of articulating “potential” in your cover letter as a new graduate.

“As a new graduate, I am looking for your potential- your ability to succeed and this can be explained in your cover letter.”

This was only one of the many great tips and advice gave in her presentation. Other important tips she gave:

  • “If I’m truly honest.I will not ask you for an interview without a cover letter.”
  • “Cover letter needs to take you on a journey. Where you have been and where you hope to go.”
  • “If I get an application that has a grammar mistake or a spelling mistake or isn’t formatted right I’m not going to ask you for an interview.”
  • “All students from AIE leave with great show reels, but you are not going to have a show reel to match someone who has been animating for 10 years.You need to tell us about your potential.”
  • “Take the job description and highlight all the skills that are wanted and choose which skills you think you have and want to tell the employer about.”
  • “Use your AIE/school/other work to give examples of skills that may be wanted in the job you are applying for.”
  • “All of you should have LinkedIn profiles and you should all have  these linked to your CV.”
  • “I don’t want to read a CV of more than two pages.”

Vicky was at pains to emphasise that people in her role at different companies ( as the first point of contact when a job application is received) are the people who decide whether a show reel will even get seen.

So, these tips are vitally important if you want to get past the “initial gatekeepers” and go on to have your show reel seriously considered. (Previous lunchbox session links are at the bottom of the page)

Take some time and check out her session…

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