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Crytek revealed its partnership with the recently formed Film Engine company. Film Engine is building movie production software on top of Cryengine technology to help bring the toolsets available to game developers to the film industry.

Film Engine expects to launch the first public version of the software in the coming months. The software is currently being tested in an early closed beta program. If you’re interested in participating in the beta, the company is taking inquiries here.

Film Engine’s price has not yet been revealed.

Film Engine’s software (also called Film Engine) is the spiritual successor to Crytek’s Cinebox prototype. The company said that when Crytek decided not to pursue Cinebox, the team behind it formed its own company and made some major changes to the platform. Film Engine’s workflow tools are built on top of Crytek’s Cryengine real-time engine, which will allow film makers to harness its visual capabilities. Cinebox was used on the Apes film franchaise to create previz.

Cryengine is also optimized for VR, which is a key feature that Film Engine boasts. Film Engine said that its software suite is designed to improve efficiency in every aspect of film making, from the beginning stages to the final production. Film Engine has been designed to meet the needs to major film studios yet also be accessible to indie film makers. The company said the software is ideal for commercials, television, movies, animation and VR experiences. Film Engine is also capable of interfacing with technologies normally found on virtual production stages, such as motion capture, camera tracking and green screen compositing.