AIE Global Game Jam 2019 | Sydney Melbourne Canberra Adelaide

Global Game Jam is an annual event that takes place simultaneously in more than 803 sites in 108 countries around the world.

For 48 hours, over the weekend of Jan 25-27 2019, a group of game designers, developers, creators, makers, producers, actors, and artists – both amateur and professional – will come together for an intensive Jam Session, forming small creative teams to design and prototype innovative game ideas. We provide the space, the tools you need and even catering. You make the games, and the IP stays with you!

It’s a fun weekend, but we also hope it’s something more. We want to stimulate the game development scene in Australia. We have the talent, the creativity and the resources to create a truly Australian games industry, we just need the initiative to give it a go. We hope that the AIE Global Game Jams in 4 Australian cities continues to be a spark that helps ignite the flame.

Please see our AIE event pages here:

This will sell out fast so get in quick! We look forward to seeing you there….