Good Game
Of course the big news of the week is that Occulus Rift is finally out. But sadly it will still be a little while before actual production units land in our laps. In the meantime you can get your mitts on Sony VR. On Good Game, Hex states that the VR experience has really evolved from the early dev kits that they’ve trialed in the past. She enters a virtual Shark tank and has quite the immersive experience. Of the new unobtrusive headset, Hex says “You forget you are wearing it” Get up to speed by watching this episode (Series 12 Episode 7) of the show Good Game meets Sony VR Attention Gamer’s have you seen the reveal trailer for Eagle Flight

Hex meets a shark

The Third Floor

While you might be thinking that this has little relevance to the Screen folk, two weeks ago The Third Floor



Above: Greenscreen shot of the Hermes (on Stage Five at Korda Studios in Hungary) half mixed with the Maya Model. This is a line up tool to assist Ridley Scott and D.O.P Darius Wolski with screen composition on set.

Being able to offer Film Directors and key crew an immersive pre viz experience (simulcam) is definitely a growth area previously owned by the likes of Peter Jackson and James Cameron. Autodesk Motionbuilder is still the primary software for onset previz but Game engine tech such as the Crysis Engine and Unity are getting a strong look in.