My parents have no idea what I do. My job didn’t even exist a couple of years ago.

With today’s learning advancements, we’re creating the next generation of opportunities.

We need to allow students to chase more creative routes.

Routes that didn’t exist when we grew up.

Let them learn data science, programming, or engineering at an earlier age.

Not every student needs to sit through a math class where the teacher refuses to let them use calculators.

Or pulls them off of their phone because “they’re not reading” from a book.

We’re in a tech-driven world.

I can’t tell a student what career to choose. 

I don’t even know what careers will be available once they get into the workforce in four years or even six months.

All I can do is encourage the right mindset while making connections where need be – whether investors or mentors.

Your path is not theirs.

It’s to hand these young pioneers a light when everything goes dark.

(Thanks to LinkedIn)