2D Animator (contractor): Sydney Basin or Remote

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Able Concepts is a South Western Sydney studio who specialise in digital casino game art themes for small to medium sized Australian gaming companies. We strive for creative and diverse digital art themes that slot machine players want to play.



We are looking for a 2D animator with After Effects experience to provide creative animation for casino slot game symbols, attract and feature win screen graphics. This contract is on an “as needed” basis. Work volume can be sporadic at times, so flexibility is warranted.


Necessary Skills

  • Advanced traditional experience with 2D animation.
  • Advanced After Effects knowledge would be an advantage.
  • Experience in casino gaming industry would be helpful.
  • Able to communicate in a precise manor as well as show creative diversity.



1-2 month duration contract per game package.

Start Date



Sydney Basin – NSW, or (role can also be performed remotely).

Please forward CV/Resume and show reel of animation to doug@ableconcepts.com.au.

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