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Hi!  We are a fast growing record label with a strong mobile development team building fun, colourful and unusual games that combine music and art in interesting ways.  We are looking for a talented illustrator / animator who would like experience working with a professional development team.

The job would mostly be done remotely, but our team is repsonsive and highly skilled so you will definitely learn a lot. Key members of the team are based in Sydney and we have occasional lunches and meetings.

The qualities we are looking for…

1.) Someone who is able to do fast iterations/prototyping (preferably by hand, not digitally) and think out of the box. This allows our team to collaborate on different approaches/looks, and see how things will look, feel before spending the time polishing them.

2.) Someone who is able to provide art in the vector format (for an example .ai files)

3.)For animations, the best approach in 2d is spritesheet. For 2d games 30 frames per second will get the smooth look, but bunch of the simple animations will be done by our developers using code (scaling, rotating, fading, glow… etc…)

4.)  Sometimes it is easier to use 3d models/obejcts for better look and feel. So 3d modeling is a plus.

5.)  We are building in Unity / C# and any coding experience is a plus.  Definitely not required though 🙂

If you are interested…

Please get in contact with a few examples of your work.  I can’t stress enough that this will be a cool project: we want to build mobile games that truly stand out.