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Located in Chippendale, Mighty Nice is a world leader of collective of artists, directors, producers, graphic designers, illustrators animators and dreamers.  We love to create inspiring animation for Commercials, TV-series and Original content.

. 1. We require a Junior Systems Administrator for a full time position. We’re looking for a motivated and passionate individual to join our team.


  1. Australian permanent resident or citizen, motivated and passionate about IT
  2. Ability to carry out physical requirements of the role, lifting of boxes and moving of computer equipment, servers, workstations, monitors etc
  3. General System Administration for a Windows/Mac 2D/3D Animation Environment
  4. Knowledge and experience with Windows 2012 Server – Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy
  5. Knowledge and experience with scripting languages (PowerShell, Python, BASH)
  6. Knowledge and experience with server maintenance, backup and archive
  7. Experience and exposure to Google Apps administration
  8. Excellent communication and documentation skills
  9. Strong knowledge of computer networking fundamentals
  10. Strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to prioritise workload and meet deadlines
  11. Provide technical support for all IT infrastructure and excellent customer service
  12. Ability to work both independently and in a team and learn quickly
  13. Accurately communicate complex ideas in simple terms
  14. Ability to work flexible hours and provide after hours emergency support


  1. Knowledge of content creation software: 3ds Max, Maya, Vray, Nuke, Creative Cloud
  2. Knowledge of render farm software – bonus if it’s Deadline
  3. Experience with cloud computing
  4. Experience with Linux and Mac OS X
  5. Experience with IP telephony administration
  6. Network experience in VLAN, basic switching and patching, configuration & management
  7. Experience with VMware ESX and ProxMox/KVM virtualisation platforms
  8. Experience with configuration management and deployment technologies and version control
  9. Experience with network booting and unattended install systems
  10. Experience with network monitoring systems, e.g. LibreNMS
  11. Degree or equivalent work experience in IT field

Please send applications in .pdf format to jeremy@mightynice.com.au

2. 3D Animation Technical Director

We require a freelance “3D computer animation Technical Director” who develops pipeline tools to automate and improve process. We’re looking for a motivated and passionate individual to join our team.


  1. Motivated and passionate about creating pipeline tools
  2. Be able to implement pipeline briefs
  3. Well versed in Python
  4. Team spirit and great problem-solving skills
  5. React to pipeline development challenges and troubleshoot solutions
  6. To be able to write Python to create tools for: Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, AfterEffects and Deadline
  7. Experience with 3d computer animation pipelines
  8. Can work remote but would be required to work onsite as well
  9. Keep pipeline tools up to date


Please send applications in .pdf format to jeremy@mightynice.com.au

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