Level Designer for Stealth FPS

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Impromptu Games, which is a little indie company in Melbourne, is looking for level designers for an upcoming stealth FPS game on UE4. While the game’s being made in UE4, levels are being constructed with BSP-based editors (Hammer, Radiant, Trenchbroom), so level design experience in the modding communities of games on the Quake/Half-Life/Source and related engines is looked upon very favorably. This is limited contract work, not a full-time position. Although there is no physical office so it’s all off-site, ideally you’re based in Victoria (still worth applying if you aren’t). You’d be working alongside at least one other level designer.
The game is a first-person sneaker with light/shadow stealth and minimal combat. Bits and pieces from development thus far can be found on the dev blog at joewintergreen.com. Send portfolios/resumes/playable examples of work to joewa@impromptugames.com.

If you’re awesome at other potentially-relevant things besides level design, feel free to throw an application in too. There may be other roles.

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