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We are TeePee Studios (Melbourne based) , currently creating a pilot for Project S.E.E.D., a science fiction horror series. The show will be CGI intensive and will require a great deal of compositing. We currently have a budget for props, costumes and sets, although the majority of the action will be shot in a green screen studio. The production will be shot on a RED Dragon camera at 6K resolution.
Our pre-production team is looking for:

Storyboard Artists, Concept Artists (Pencil, Photoshop CC or Maya),
3D Block out Artists (Maya), and Previsualisation Artists (Maya).
If you wish to recommend yourself for any other jobs, please inquire.

Our post-production team is looking for:

Dynamics Artists (Maya/After Effects CC w/ Trapcode Particular), Compositing Artists (Adobe After Effects CC), Rigging/Animation Artists (Maya), and Lighting Artists (Maya).
If you wish to recommend yourself for any other jobs, please inquire.
Project S.E.E.D. Synopsis
After a devastating attack on their home planet by an alien race, humanity activated Project S.E.E.D., a last resort if Earth was beyond saving. Those who escaped the slaughter are now drifting across space on giant Ark ships, designed to carry what is left of mankind to a new planet where their seed can be planted.
The series is set on one of the Ark ships, where a parasitic infection lies dormant in every person on board – the few crew members who are awake, and all of those sleeping in cryostorage.
The pilot episode will be split up into segments, each shot from one of the main characters’ perspectives. Four segments can be watched in any order, with the last segment bringing the characters together and the story to an end.
Image from test footage.

Tee Pee
NOTE: This is non-paid work. This project would be for industry experience and to increase your portfolio. You will of course be credited for all work you have produced. We intend to use the pilot episode to attract funding for the remainder of the series, which will be paid.
If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch with us.

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