(Remote) Unity Animator/Artist for PC tycoon game

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We are Greenheart Games, creators of Game Dev Tycoon, and we are looking for a talented and experienced 3D artist and animator to help us create in-game animations for Game #2, our next PC simulation game.
You are a well-rounded character animator and talented artist with experience in multiple disciplines. You have a few years of solid game industry experience under your belt, and have had the chance to wear many different hats along the way.
– Ideally you bring the following to our team:
– Character and prop animation skills as well as experience in game animation targeting Unity specifically.
– A deep understanding of different animation tools and techniques such as mecanim, animation re-targeting, additive animations, blending, real-time IK animations (Final IK Unity plugin), tweening (DOTween), as well as some scripting skills to handle mixing and matching their implementation effectively.
– Sense to know when particle effects, mesh swaps, or sound effects will enhance your animations as well as save on production time.
– Experience with skinning/minor rigging/animating in Maya LT and integrating art into Unity.
Bonus skills:
– Familiarity with modeling for low-poly art styles, able to quickly turn a sketched concept or loose idea into a model and comfortable with kit-bashing.
– A solid grasp of art fundamentals, particularly familiarity with developing strong silhouettes, clear direction, balance, rhythm, simple shapes, weight and use of color and lighting. Our low-poly style leans heavily on these design tenants.
– Any other art / tech skills useful to game development.
We are a cross-continent operation. Working via the internet across time zones is not something we do occasionally, it is how we operate. To us, it doesn’t matter where you are or when you work, what matters is what you can do.  
If you are sure you could do great things with us, impress us with a great cover letter and, more importantly, with a showcase of your work.
To find out more about this and to see what makes us special, check out our jobs page on our website or apply directly here.


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