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Senior Rigger 
Rising Sun Pictures is currently seeking an established high-end Senior Rigger for photo-realistic feature film work.

Employment periods: Immediate start, long term contract through negotiation.

Location: Adelaide, Australia. This position is open to Australian and international applicants.

Position Overview 

Reporting directly to the CG Supervisor, the Senior Rigger will be required to quickly and accurately create rigs for organic and hard surface models. Your precise work and strong understanding of physical expression and movement allows animators to easily complete believable movement.

As an accomplished and professional rigger, you will have achieved success while working at a number of high profile VFX studios, working with different rigging systems and tools. You are the rigger who is also able to complete work on stunt digi-doubles.

Demonstrated experience with Maya is a fundamental pre-requisite for successful applicants.

The strength of your creative eye, excellent communication, collaboration and leadership skills are all highly regarded by your peers. You provide confidence to production you have absolute clarity in what is expected of you and conduct yourself with professionalism.


  • Work closely with modellers and animators to define the purpose of the rig.
  • Ensure rigging controls are fully adjustable as per feedback, being mindful of the models parameters and limitations.
  • Ability to deliver dynamic character solutions for a full range of CG shots plus live action footage augmentation / transitions.
  • Create adjustable, anatomically correct human and facial rigs with intuitive animation controls, to tight delivery and quality standards.
  • Ensure muscle systems deform the model cleanly and accurately.
  • Build a wide catalogue of blend shapes.
  • Demonstrate rigging progress through the regular submission of work in progress and daily updates.
  • Complete basic modelling & animation tasks as required, to achieve and rigging objectives.
  • Clearly communicate with production any delays or obstacles that may impact your delivery.
  • Provide thorough QA and sanity checks of rigs before they hit your internal client.

Required Skills and Experience 

  • Minimum 5-years high-end rigging experience using native, commercial and self developed rigging tools within Maya.
  • Strong experience scripting in python.
  • Thorough understanding of human anatomical features, subtleties, quirks and limitations.
  • Real world understanding of proportion, depth, scale, and physical space.
  • Maintain a calm and professional demeanour in a deadline focused work environment.
  • Expert people management/leadership and organisational skills.
  • Technical and creative problem solving with a can-do mindset.
  • Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics or related tertiary qualification may be required for international applicants.


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