Senior Software Engineer – C/C++, Tools Development

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BigWorld is seeking an experienced C/C++ Software Engineer to join our team. We are looking for talented C/C++ developers who have solid experience in software development and would like to work in the exciting world of video games.
Responsibilities Your primary responsibility will be to work on content creation tools for our PC engine.


  • Several years proven commercial C/C++ experience
  • Understanding of object orientated analysis and design
  • Understanding of workflow optimisation
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of Visual C++
  • Ability to work with existing development processes and codebase
  • Great communication skills


  • Strong knowledge of 3D algorithms
  • Strong understanding of user interface design
  • Knowledge of content creation pipelines
  • Ability to work with artists and level designers
  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related fields
  • Experience in tools role
  • Experience with MFC and .NET

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