SIMOSITY wants AIE help with VR Gaming Launch

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We are setting up SIMOSITY, a large scale VR gaming arena, and need some extra hands to help out while we get up and running.

We are doing a soft launch, where some people will come in for a “lunch time special” where they can try VR in a cut down version of the main experience, and get to try VR at a discounted price. The people we are after will have a keen interest iin VR and gaming, be good with people,(as the will be iinteraction with customers) and be good with tech, (as they will help get the customers set up, and help monitor the players, so they don’t get tang;ed in wires etc.)

We are at Macquarie Park, and initially we are after people for around 3 hours a day while gamers are here, and maybe some more time on game dev work experience.

We are starting off with VIVES for month or so, before we then switch over to our full large scale un-tethered VR experience, (15m x 15m free roaming, akin to Zero Latency in Melbourne).

I am part of Red Cartel, who are developing the content for Simosity, as well as our “regular” work, developing VR, apps and animation, (notably the eBay Virtual Department Store, as I mentioned). We are hoping that people we get to help with Simosity will also get the opportunity to show us what they can do with Unity, Unreal, Maya, 3dsMax etc and may move into active, paid roles developing and creating content.


Students can email resumes/lettters of interes, to:

Checkout for some more info.

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