Technical Artist | Gameloft

  • Anywhere


  • Cross communicate between artists, programmers and designers
  • Set up and maintain the art production workflow and pipeline
  • Foster awareness of the game’s engine capabilities and limitations
  • Lead the charge towards efficiency vs space vs performance
  • Integrate assets without sacrificing artistic vision or exceeding performance limits of platform
  • Manage complexity and implement streamlined art techniques
  • Development and documentation of the technical pipeline
  • Scripting (export script, 3D package scripting, editor script, Lua)
  • Particle effects and VFX implementations.
  • Trouble shooting, debugging asset pipeline

Our TA’s can specialize in or have broad understanding of the below

  • Rigging
  • Skinning
  • Lighting techniques
  • Vertex and pixel shaders
  • Particle effect creation
  • Post effects
  • Scripting

Gameloft is present in all continents, distributing games in 100 countries and employing over 6,500 people. 100% of our games are developed in-house and our studios have delivered a line-up of over 300 titles for mobiles, smartphones (Apple iOS and Android systems), touchscreen tablets and even Smart TVs.

Gameloft Australia’s production studio is based in Brisbane, Queensland in the beautiful inner city suburb of Teneriffe. Just a few steps from the Brisbane River and nestled among some of the city’s best attractions, our employees enjoy a fantastic atmosphere year round in this subtropical capital.

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