Weta needs Mocap/Performance Animators (Motion Editors)

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Weta Digital Motion Department are looking for candidates who are passionate about working with realistic motion-captured performances of character and creature animations to high quality standards.

The requirements for the role are:
Primarily responsible for editing body motion of captured performances and integrating motion elements into the shot environment.

Performance Animation / Editing Motion includes:

  • Repairing contacts and interaction between characters/props/environment/terrain.
  • Non-destructive modification of motion to work with the requirements of the shot including staging, spatial and timing adjustments according to directors and supervisors feedback.
  • Blending in/out body motion and stitching motion together.
  • Adding finger/toe animation, staging, and performance adjustments that includes enhancing/reducing gesture and weight.
  • Other editing includes: sharpening/smoothing/exaggerating/tuning-down and inserting/removing/adding body movement/ body-language/ reaction/ anticipation/ follow-through…
  • Understanding of mapping techniques and transferring motion from one character to another.
  • Ability to catch and identify technical issues.

Must Have:

  • Sharp eyes for motion, timing and posture.
  • Good understanding of the principles of Animation
  • Background in using Motionbuilder and Maya.
  • Experience working with motion-captured performance/animations.
  • Attention to details.
  • Good communication skills.

Background in using Linux and experience with Nuance is a plus.If you are attending Siggraph 2016, please note this in your cover letter, or the ‘Work Experience’ Field of the Online Questionnaire


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