Searching for a job is usually associated with as much joy as . . . dental work. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be anxiety-provoking or painful if you are smart in your plan of attack. Keeping connected with the AIE Alumni site will help  use the tools available to you to cut down on time and wasted effort and actually target your ideal role with maximum effectiveness. In this latest newsletter there are:

  • Internships in Sydney AIE graduates. It is important that when you graduate that you are able to get real work experience in a studio environment. Any opportunity is invaluable and AIE has been offered these so check them out and put an application in.
  • Studio Recruitment drive. Another wonderful opportunity for new graduates that has been given to AIE. This is to be held at the Sydney campus on July 12th at 6pm and live-streamed. Check it out.
  • Career tips. Every week on the Alumni Site.
  • Canberra Alumni Event. Coming up on July 20th.

Keep in touch. Stay Connected.There are virtually thousands of people who search for jobs every day  so don’t be put off if you don’t get a response from the first few positions. It’s a numbers game on all sides, so you may as well be aggressive and optimise your chances for success by checking out the AIE site every day This will increase  your chances for success.  And wouldn’t it be fun to have a few options to select from? Way more fun than the dentist’s office!