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My name is Sara Matthews and I have just been appointed as the Alumni and Placement Coordinator for AIE. Whilst based in Sydney, my role is to facilitate and coordinate the Alumni programme across Australia. I have been associated with AIE for the past 4 years working at the Sydney campus in various roles and previously as a secondary Drama/English teacher and Director of Teaching and Learning in New Zealand. I am very excited to take on this new role as I see that when you graduate from AIE your journey has just begun.

Why should I get involved in the alumni network? How does it benefit me?

My goal is to bring graduates together, highlight their amazing accomplishments and for us to continue learning as a collective by bringing in speakers, running workshops and bringing up-to-date information about placement opportunities. It offers the perfect combination of business and pleasure. Not only do you get to reunite with old friends and relive fond memories of your student years, it also offers you professional networking opportunities.

I want to offer AIE alumni exactly what they want and are interested in. So never hesitate to get in touch and tell me what you want and expect from the alumni network