Great to see that Mobile App developer, Mighty Kingdom, is a finalist  finalist for the Impact Awards, an award recognising South Australian companies with a business, model, management and solution for greater impact on global markets!

Mighty Kindom has hired a number of AIE Adelaide Graduates, including Reece Howe, Phoebe Shaw, Eduardo Cardenas, Rhys Bartholomew and Sydney graduate, Patrick Bertolodo.

The Story

When a brilliantly exploited opportunity catapulted Mighty Kingdom, an Adelaide-based mobile app developer firm, into position as a leading edge global innovator, it was clearly  time for them to seize the day

With the assistance of $25,000 funding from the South Australian Government’s Export Partnership Program, this modestly sized South Australian business is busy getting its foot in the door of the worldwide toy market.

In 2014, Mighty Kingdom was approached by Moose Toys with a proposal to create a digital adjunct for the toy company’s successful brand, Shopkins.

Mighty Kingdom saw great potential for matching digital experiences with physical toys.

Mighty Kingdom’s Dan Thorsland said most children these days don’t see any difference between a physical toy and an app on a screen – to them, toy and app are a seamless play experience.

“We expanded on the brief, proposing a set of simple, fun game activities within the app that allowed user to collect rewards for play,” Mr Thorsland said.

Spectacular sales for Shopkins have since positioned the toy line as a market leader on the world stage. Mighty Kingdom had an opportunity to extend that brand into the digital market.

The Shopkins: Welcome to Shopville game went live on the Apple app store and Google Play in September 2015 and to date, the app has been downloaded by more than seven million users around the world.

Every day about 200,000 children play the game, pushing it to number one for children’s games (aged 6-8) in Apple’s app store in 45 countries.The massive success of the app and the toys positioned Mighty Kingdom well ahead of the global curve on the link between toys and digital entertainment – and they are very busy making the most of their big break.

Assisted by Export Partnership Program funding, Dan and Mighty Kingdom partner Philip Mayes are participating at large toy industry trade shows in the United States to rapidly consolidate their growing reputation as a global innovator.

“The toy industry is still getting its head around how kids are playing with their physical and digital toys together,” Mr Thorsland said.

“Our success has really opened up bigger doors for us in the world market and we are acting decisively on that position.

“One hundred per cent of the technology and content in the Shopkins app was created by our team in Adelaide.

“Game design is now a truly global industry.

“Australia has a great track record of international success with mobile games, and South Australia is well positioned to win big in that market.”

(Source: Government of South Australia)