Lots of discussions going on today on some social media channels, about how the VR landscape is being polluted and manipulated by those who have a mouth to talk but no legs to walk.

Do your research before jumping on your next VR/AR project.

Don’t buy into that expert BS advice or art of storytelling in VR thinking it’s some new black magic few amongst the chosen have mastered. Humanity has been telling stories the same way since the beginning of mankind, nothing has changed I promise you.

Just do your research… AR and VR are just new medium, for storytelling and creating human experiences and more… just like drawing, radio, photography, video, film, video games etc…

You want to talk for the closest to an expert in VR or AR, talk to a game developer team because they’ve been using the tools for years and have all the knowledge and know all the tricks needed to create any real-time 3D content and interactive experience.

When you choose your team, make sure you can walk into their office and see their work, don’t be fooled by all the fancy websites they got on foursquare for $14 or the expensive lunch they just bought you.

And always follow that advice: “If you can’t find the sucker in the room, you’re the sucker”.

Don’t be the sucker!

(Published on January 8th: Bachir El Khoury- Founding and Managing Director at Limpid Logic)