TWO great opportunities to get some experience and develop practical work skills at Limpid Logic.
Limpid Logic is a  place where technology meets fun meets people. We are serious about software and games, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Making fun games and software means having fun making them. Here you will learn, grow, and craft super-human skills! Why? because here we do whatever it takes, to bring technology, fun and games together, and be the best we can be, every single day!

Limpid Logic is a team of developers, designers, inventors and gamers, specialising in mobile software, wearable technologies, games and entertainment.

  1. Unity3D developer

I would say this requires almost 60% development skills and 40% graphic skills.


  • Development skills medium level is great
  • Good knowledge of most common Unity3d API
  • Ability to write well structured logic
  • Familiar with most basic web technology, HTTP requests, JSON (we’ve got most libraries, they just need to have an idea)
  • Not necessarily experts, but familiar with shaders and be able to write some
  • Not required, but being able to write Unity3D Editor tools (Panels, controllers etc…) is a plus

Graphic Skills:

  • Ability to build cutup graphics in photoshops, and build already designed UI layouts (requires basic knowledge of photoshop)
  • Familiar with Unity3D IDE of course
  • Familiar with the Animator in Unity3D. Basic UI animations and transitions etc…
  1. Augmented Reality/Computer Imaging

The second skill, is someone who has passion for computer imaging, and familiar with OpenCV, Augmented Reality etc…

Even if you have  never used an Xbox Kinect, you  should have the right passion to learn new APIs, and already have some foundation in computer imaging and how to draw and manipulate pixels on screen, or read and implement basic algorithms.


CONTACT: Bachir El Khoury


p: +6140404 7700