AIE Sydney has been offered the opportunity to host a studio recruitment drive at its Sydney campus which will be live-streamed to all AIE Alumni. This is an awesome opportunity, particularly for recent graduates, to hear from Dave Zwierzchaczewski(  otherwise known as Dave Z), a 3D Specialist, Application Engineer at Autodesk, as he outlines the opportunities available at the studio. These opportunities include junior and intermediate positions.

It is also a time for  graduates to connect with him and pass on their showreels and resumes.

The following positions are available at junior, intermediate and senior levels

  • Concept / Storyboard Artists
  • Modelers
  • Rigging Artists
  • Texturing / Shading Artists
  • Animation / Layout Artists
  • Lighting Artists
  • Compositing Artists
  • Technical / CG Supervisor Positions
  • IT Position

So, update your resume, polish off your showreel and save the date!  Sydneysiders,  use the opportunity to network and meet Dave Z in person. This is an AWESOME opportunity.