AIE Graduate Showcases celebrate and highlight the efforts of the current Year Two students. It is an opportunity for family and friends to share the graduates  success, for industry guests to connect and meet the graduates and this year for the first time Alumni were asked to join the event.

Lyle Dalgleish (Alumni 2015)and now working at S1T2,  enjoys some game play.




In Sydney, the graduates  set up booths to display their final group projects. There was a lot of buzz,  bustle and general excitement and when the doors  opened at 3pm , the venue was packed. It was great to see a lot of the Alumni in attendance and many of them represented the industries that were invited. These included companies such as S1T2, Animal Logic, Flying Bark, Chaos Theory Games, Wargaming  and Cheeky Little Media. Having the event set up in a large space meant there was plenty of space for game playing, individual conversations and general networking.




Full of concentration, Inge Berman (Alumni 2016) gives some feedback.




The showcased work was impressive and as Katrina Lindsay from Flying Bark said, ” The work from students at AIE just gets better and better, and I thought it was great last year!”