• Monday, October 24, 2016 |  to

  •  AIE

    Level 4, 33 Mountain Street, Ultimo (map)

  • AIE’s new campus building is at 33 Mountain street, just across from the main campus.
  •  Price: AUD5.00 /per person
  • Going Mainstream

    Playstation VR launches this month, a wide raft of new hardware providers are emerging from around the globe, and Christmas is just around the corner.  This year, VR is going to be on every good boy and girl’s wishlist.  But w‡ith new hardware comes demand for new content, so if you’re building, prototyping, or designing and want to demo your work please get in touch.  Or if you’re more into the business side of things, you’ve got some burning questions, or you’re just generally enthusiastic, come along and check out the latest content from ourselves and the Sydney VR Community.

    New Event Space at 33 Mountain Street

    Due to space restrictions we’ve moved from our previous location at Fishburners (and another big thank you to everyone there for hosting us in the past).  From this month we’ll be hosted by AIE, Australia’s most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator.  We’ll be keeping the $5 event fee to cover the cost of pizza, but please only RSVP if you’re absolutely sure you’re coming.

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    More details coming as we put it all together.