Animal Logic is  proud to sponsor this outstanding Scholarship opportunity. If you have a passion for visual communication grounded in the principles of animation, visual effects and computer generated imagery, and have the imagination and vision to look to the future for the application of those skills, read on…

The Master of Animation and Visualisation (MAV) is an opportunity for artists, software developers and technical professionals to develop their existing specialist creative skills. This degree has been co-designed and developed as part of the University of Technology (UTS) Animal Logic Academy (ALA), a dynamic collaboration between UTS and world-leading digital production, animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic. It is designed to respond to the increasing critical industry demand for graduates with expertise in these fields. Participants will graduate as the ‘smart creatives’ and visualisation practitioners of the future.

As a post graduate level Master Degree you will need to bring existing skills to the table. You will need to demonstrate your level of skill and/or experience in animation, visualisation or related technologies so showing a portfolio of work or providing documentation of your programming skills and experience in a digital content production environment is essential. You do not need to have an under graduate degree in order to apply.

For more information about the course please visit the UTS Animal Logic Academy website

  • This fully funded Scholarship position is open for applications by Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only.
  • You will need to be available for 1 year of full time study at the UTS Sydney campus in 2018
  • To apply you will need complete this application, submit relevant supporting material and may be required to attend and interview.



Please address the following questions in your application:

  • Tell us a little about yourself and experience, and why you think this Master program is for you?
  • What is it that you are looking to gain by joining the Master of Animation and Visualisation (MAV)?
  • Tell us a bit about your future ambitions?
  • What most interests and excites you about the future of creative technologies and visualisation?
  • In the field of creative technical innovation, who do you find most interesting and or inspiring? And/or what developments or innovations?
  • What was the last piece of visualisation that inspired you and how would you apply it elsewhere?
  • What is a technical, creative or collaborative thing that you have done that you are most proud of and why?
  • If you had the opportunity to select a team of disparate skill sets, to create a totally new idea, visualising something entirely new…what skill sets would you chose, and what would the project be?
  • Describe what you believe the visualisation industry will look like in the next decade.


Please email your application to and UTS Animal Logic Academy Masters of Animation and Visualisation Scholarship in the subject line.