Picture yourself in your best Austin Powers attire on Carnaby street in Soho? Look no further, read on. Double Negative in London is one of my favourite VFX house’s of all time. They have produced outstanding visuals for films like, Interstellar, Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.  Also consider the fact they just won the Oscar for Ex Machina beating Fury Road and a little film called Star Wars!

If you have a right-to-work visa for the U.K (like I do!) then you might be interested in this possibility.

Grad Trainee

From the 4th July to 30th September this year DNEG are running a three month Graduate Trainee Scheme at their London facility.  As a Dneg Trainee you will get the chance to be trained alongside world class VFX Artists, gaining experience on some of their amazing shows while receiving invaluable training & mentoring. VFX for the film Ex Machina were created at DNEG check out the great report here.


With only a 15 million dollar budget Andrew Whitehurst and his team scooped an Oscar from the likes of J.J Abhrams Star Wars. Their work was quite seamless and beautifull.

In regards the training scheme….four months people, the clock is ticking! Check the link here DNEG Graduate Trainee scheme 2016