By Brennan Hatton on LinkedIn.

Social Training is where I believe Virtual Reality is going to have the biggest impact.

After spending 3 years building and growing Meta‘s global augmented developer community, I gained a valuable understanding of the best uses for this technology. I concluded that it lies in the intersection of two fields. 1) Training through experiences and 2) Social (This is why Facebook and Google are invested).

Social Training in Virtual Reality has enabled us to:

  • Step into the shoes of others
  • Experience previously impossible view points
  • Communicate information in new ways
  • Deliver highly engaging training
  • Provide more evenly distributed access to the best quality training
  • Enable new science

Companies world wide have already started using our training. Just in the short time from our launch today hundreds of people have already experienced a new view point through our training.

What does this mean for those of you interested in trying it?

1 – If you have access to Virtual Reality hardware – particularly a Vive, you can download now and use our beta for free.

2 – If you don’t own any Virtual Reality hardware, you can request to see a demo of our app at any Virtual Reality Arcade, most major cities have a few. If you need to find one, just ask!

What does this launch mean for the world?

1 – As of today, any company or individual with a Vive now has engaging and accessible Diversity and Inclusion training.

2 – Any trainer can be Virtual Reality enabled by using our content, increasing engagement. (Yes we do build custom content).

What can you expect next?

This is just a small first step for us. Our team moves quick, and has already submitted the next version of our app to the app-store!